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  3. Hi Cari,eenlZehlingets was the millused for the socks. They did a great job. The pencil roving is also processed by Zeilingers. It’s a German angora/domestic merino blend that is marvelous!

  4. Great article. very VERY long, but great. Had to use a text to speech application to go through it all.On the udacity/Coursera/MOOC, very good movement, I hope it grows stronger and stronger. Since MOOC implies that they are free, it is a bit hard to continue, to earn money and pay the bills. but I think they can do it.  

  5. Thanks very much to Dave and Tonya at Ground Zero for the hookup. I thought it was a very good movie, although I’m going to have to let it sink in before I could rank it. Kudos on a rare trilogy where all three films were very good efforts.Distracting: Bane having the voice of Sean Connery, or at least a comedian’s Sean Connery impersonation.

  6. : « volcanesques » non, mais « grévesques » peut-être@ Martin Vidberg : choississez, soit vous allez à Lyon et la FNAC sera sans doute près de la place Bellecour, soit vous allez à Alger dans le quartier Belcourt, ou encore à Belcourt au Québec.Mais je m’aperçois que vous pouvez aussi aller à Bellecourt, dans la commune de Manage, dans le Hainaut (Wallonie), tout aussi francophone. Mais y-a-t-il une FNAC là-bas ?

  7. One thing that isn't addressed is the Title Tag on each of the paginated pages. For instance, if there are 3 pages, each is part of a series, and Google recommends each page have it own unique title. When doing pagination with rel="next" and rel="prev" do the titles of each page read the same? i.e.Page 1: Desktop ComputersPage 2: Desktop ComputersPage 3: Desktop ComputersORPage 1: Desktop Computers Page 1Page 2: Desktop Computers Page 2Page 3: Desktop Computers Page 3

  8. Olá Camila, tudo bem???Adoreeeei o vídeo, projeto, e achei a make lindíssima.. vou usar… ;)Sempre assisto seus vídeos, sou suuuper sua fã..Queria muito que você fizesse sempre nos seus vídeos de make,umas idéias de looks, as cores q combinam com as makes…Às vezes fico querendo usar uma make, ousar nas cores, mas fico com medo de errar..Acho que é uma boa ideia, e acaba tirando muitas dúvidas..Desde já obrigaaadaa liiindaa!!!Beijos e fica com Deus!!![]

  9. This woman is a real maveric. In the Orange ad she had totally ignored the old adage „Never work with children or animals”. Why there’s children and dolphins all together in the one shot. Granted, the dolphins are blow-up balloons but it can’t have been easy getting them to go where you want them. It’s like she’s told the whole world to go stuff itself and to hell with the consequences. Bravo. Bravo.

  10. by the congregation. And I recognize that the book-less approach is quite a bit more visitor-friendly. But our corporate worship largely defines us as a church; I like knowing that when the congregation addresses God together, we’re using a liturgy that we’ve all implicitly agreed to, not some random thing that a priest or a parish committee has caused to be printed in the service leaflet.

  11. Olá Fabiana, boa tarde!Tenho interesse em divulgar produtos de beleza, trabalho com uma linha maravilhosa de cremes corporais com resultados tremendos, para rosto, rejuvenescimento, eliminação de manchas, acnes, também conseguimos um ótimo resultado na redução de medidas. Entre em contato se for possível divulgarmos meu trabalho, me envie preço de anuncio. Um abraço! Regiane

  12. Kenneth D. Lewis, the company chairman and chief executive officer, in a statement. “Even given that environment, we certainly are not pleased with our performance. However, we are cautiously optimistic about 2008, though we believe economic growth will be anemic at best in the first half,” he said.In the period, the company reported trading account losses of $5.44 billion, compared with profits of $460 million a year earlier, which were driven by writedowns of collateralized debt obligations and weaker trading results.

  13. The chartering of Boeing Toastmasters is special to me and Rajesh. Felicitations to its sponsors Sherry Dixon, DTM and Sharon Arnold, DTM as well as mentors Cheryl Mizzell (Area 22 Governor) and Lee Moultrie (President of the chartering club YMCA Yakkers Toastmasters). I salute the continuing efforts of these servant leaders.

  14. Gracias a todos por vuestros comentarios y vuestras visitas, todo ésto significa mucho para mí. Ver que hay más personas que han pasado o que están pasando por lo mismo que yo, por un motivo o por otro. La vida no siempre es bonita, ni mucho menos justa, y sea como sea tenemos que encontrar la manera de seguir adelante; lo que es mucho más fácil con personas que te apoyan y te comprenden.Muchas gracias por todo, ánimo y fuerza

  15. This fountain would be so perfect for our cat Pharoah. He will only drink water out of a running water faucet. We can’t leave the water running all night, so he wakes us up when he wants “his” water faucet turned on so he can get a drink.I think he would be so fascinated with a water fountain that he would claim it as his very own new water source. This would help both my husband and I to be able to sleep better at night.Hope I; no I hope Pharoah wins this fountain.

  16. Awesome! I can’t wait until we get into the house and start working on our garden. My husband already has landscape plans for the yard. How about a potato omelet? Slice potatoes thin and fry in a pan until golden brown. Whip up 4 eggs adding onions, garlic, peppers, salt peper, oregano, parsley or whatever the hell you want, and pour it into the pan. When the bottom is nice and done, flip to do the other side.

  17. Mint is used a great deal by the pharmaceutical company’s.. Now why is this, I’ll tell you why, because pharmaceuticals don’t get rich off healthy people.. You name me one drug that cures headaches or migraines? They can mask the pain but do not take away the cause.. I met a man who can cure headaches and migraines and all without a single drug. His success rate.. 100%

  18. this kind of thing is gonna happen. You know, as we go on in life, and the world gets more WORLDLY, more people will be giving into the things the Bible says not to. False prophets, I’m pretty sure, are one of them. SO with that being said, the world will ONE DAY “end” but it isn’t gonna be when anyone knows, but at least we know things are on course and, instead of criticizing some fool, we should be focusing on our spirits, and our families, and on fulfilling our responsibilities as Christians. Right?

  19. I've been making my own diapers for my son since just before he was born and I love it! It's been 2 years now and I'm thinking I need to make up some trainers now. A trick if you want to use cloth wipes out and about is to use those lovely peri bottles they give you in the hospital. Just fill it with water and keep it in the diaper bag. Then you can still wet each wipe individually just before you use them!

  20. Nice idea. I’m all for efforts like this to give non-attendees the chance to interact with each other and feel part of a conference. In my niche – book blogging – we launched an event along these lines, Armchair BEA, for folks who couldn’t attend Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention in May 2010. It was really well-received and we’re working on bringing it back – bigger and better – in 2011.

  21. Dekh le dansih ab to tere bandhu hi tere Sallu ke fan hone pe doubt kar rahe hain….Teri in harkaton ko dekh kar to mujhe moderators pe taras aata hai ki wo tujhe jhel kaise rahe hain aur kyun jhel rahe hain….Aur ab to tere Salman fans bhi tujhe nahi jhel paa rahe hain….PAGAL KARTE HAIN AISI HARKATEIN….Raat ko theek se neend aati hai ya nahi….ya phir pichhwade mein bhukamp ka asar abhi tak hai…Mujhe to tu WEHLA lagta hai…

  22. 128я тоже так могу, но это просто от того что в детстве канал прокалывали, когда совсем мелким был, бесит, что пиздец особенно когда сморкаешься

  23. Hey Gigi – Glad you got over those worries and are fully enjoying your time! It is true that we tend to do more while on the road, always trying to do as many interesting things as we can, which naturally leads to meeting more people. I’m sure most travelers would end up sitting on their sofa many evenings if they were back home and therefore missing out on all the possible interactions they could be having!

  24. Put a blower on the motor and it gets Way-Fun!! Some had an electric overdrive.They get you laid because to own one you necessarily are an Alpha and that is (frequently) an attractant – the Minivan is the sign/label of a Beta. My7 '60 Ghia had a collapsible (in theory, it WAS German) steering column – but some might work better than others.You could also take any Chevy or Taurus from the rental counter off-road, but that's because they're' from the rental counter.

  25. Ok may be i am not clear. Lets call it Optimum length – A length and line that makes batsman hit the ball from his unbalanced position. On the offstump but not reachable to batsman even if he moves forward and chest height that cramp the batsman.Mcgrath always cramp sachin to make a mistake. You can only able to do you bowl after batsman make a move. Just reading batsman in advance. You need big palm to adjust the length at last second.

  26. I simply wanted to inform you about how much I actually appreciate every thing you’ve shared to help increase the value of the lives of men and women in this subject material. Through your articles, we have gone from just a newcomer to a pro in the area. It can be truly a honor to your initiatives. Thanks

  27. Nieminen confirme sa bonne forme à Montpellier en battant pour la première fois sa bête noire personnelle, Florent Serra. Ça n’a l’air de rien comme ça, mais il en était quand même à 5 tentatives échouées. Pas mal pour le Finlandais, qui jouera Gasquet au prochain tour.

  28. As a Canadian citizen who follows U.S. politics I can not comprehend how the media and Republican party just pretended how the most suitable candidate running did not exist. was made out to be a ranting, senile old man. A great injustice was done and I worry about what is in store for what was once a great country.Highly rated. What do you think? 19  2

  29. I am responding to your comments on my dancing as to whether I deserve your pass or fail grade I really dont care because im not looking for your approval on the day this video was taken I was in pain and not able to move freely after working a shift so I could be a part of the festival my right leg was broken below the knee in 1995 after being hit head on by a valet for jordans restaurant when I was a bike messenger I have good days and bad the reporter just caught me on a bad one if you want to know more send me an e mail max churney

  30. fine post…naturally just for example web world-wide-web website nevertheless, you really should verify the particular punctuation about numerous one’s written articles. Many on the are usually rife along along with punctuation problems in addition to My husband…

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  32. Hello there I love reading your blog. Love the pictures of the scones topped with the dainty strawberries.Found out about you blog from my cousin and its really good to see you introducing the restaurants around KK. I hardly went venturing in other restaurants and always stick to the old ones!Keep it up and I was surprised to know you are my ex classmate Mona’s relative 😀

  33. But I only have two measuring cups…just kidding These look great and I’d have to eat at least 4![] Reply:October 17th, 2012 at 12:56 PMhaha! Well, Gerry, I have ten. Just kidding, too. []

  34. has there been any effort to organize a boycott on ALL vacation travel to the state of HI ,i mean ,there are quite a lot of us and we could seriously punish the HI travel industry with a few pickets at ticket counters and travel offices ..no ?the state of HI has acted as a huge enabler and abettor of fraud ,forgery and treason and I ,for one ,will NEVER travel there again nor forgive them

  35. You positive do know what youre talking about. Man, this weblog is just fantastic! I cant wait to read much more of what youve got to say. Im truly pleased that I came across this when I did since I was truly starting to get bored with the whole blogging scene. Youve turned me around, man!

  36. beh, io l’ho visto un bambino che si è portato un triciclo in autobus.Sarà che quando giro da sola o con gli amici vado sempre solo in autobus, ma in autobus ho visto di tutto.Anche il bambino che ha voluto il triciclo seduto sul sedile affianco al suo.In autobus ho anche conosciuto un sacco di persone fantastiche e un sacco di vecchiette che cercavano di appiopparmi i loro bei nipotini ventenni e single xD

  37. Gitt, vad fint skrivet och din dikt är underbar och sÃ¥ passande denna dag! Den gick rakt in i hjärtat och är sÃ¥ sann! Jag hade förmÃ¥nen att fÃ¥ närvara denna dag och blev mycket tagen av stämningen i kyrkan. Jag är ocksÃ¥ övertygad om att Elisabeth var närvarande pÃ¥ sitt sätt – speciellt när solens strÃ¥lar sken in i kyrkan precis när cermonin var avslutad….sÃ¥ vackert!Vera

  38. scissors cuts paper. this paper is in strips its useless, rock crushes scissors? my scissors are crushed they are in pieces. you win. paper covers rock… rocks ok. rock can break our at any point in time… it should be rock, dynamite with a cuttable wick, scissors- demetry martin comedy.

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  40. July 10, 2010 at 1:50 pmGreat post, and I can obviously relate a lot. I really did hate my job, and was pretty much hanging on for the sake of security, but you’re totally right…not worth it. This is really a blessing in disguise. .-= Candice´s last blog ..Being Laid Off is Apparently Blogging Goldmine =-. Reply

  41. Hi Tara,Your message came in perfect time. Different story, same fears. I’ve just completed my PhD. I’ve realized a while ago that I did not want to pursue academia…but I don’t know what to do. I fear no one would want me outside of academia. I fear I can’t communicate my value…Frozen as you call it.Thanks for sharing your story, it inspired me to move with self-determination…once again. The same self-determination that got me through graduate school and my dissertation.

  42. to be argumentative, but now you’re making the same points that Claude, Hofer, Prime, myself, and the bevy of ‘Smithers’ made for Alex last season. I think highly of Aaron Rodgers also, but he’s going to be facing a blitz package like he’s never seen the like of before. And as we defended Alex last season, he’s going to have a difficult time completing anything but the OUR FATHER…while looking up from his back.

  43. I was ranting about this to my husband earlier, because his coworkers are growing mustaches to “raise awareness” about prostate cancer. I’m pretty “aware” of prostate cancer; my next door neighbor died from prostate cancer, and my grandfather died after a complication from his prostate surgery. We don’t need pinkwashing or Movember or any other type of feel-good slactivism. We need research into prevention and cures.Most importantly, I am so sorry for your loss.

  44. Good for you! I suffer from depression and panic disorder, too, and sometimes I feel like an awful parent. And there is no second parent to take over for me. But I am not an awful parent. I am a good parent who suffers from depression. You are a good parent too. If you need someone to talk to you can always email or whatever to me 🙂

  45. Return, as with anything else, is often an accounting entry. Sometimes the initial investment with a Venture Capital firm is money that is simply being spread around on a “do something” with it basis. By spreading it around there is a greater chance that something good will come of it since puting it to work in a low-risk environment is viewed as a waste of time and money. Sort of like betting on long shots at the racetrack because betting on the favorite is viewed as a wasted effort for such a paltry return.

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  47. I think it is a matter of perspective. I don’t believe that tools change, or shift. Some people look at a pen, and view it as a ink distribution system that allows them to sign their name on checks and receipts. Others look at a pen, and they see the next great American novel. If he sees iPads as consumption devices rather than as tools for creation, then I think this says more about him than the iPad.

  48. I am not positive on Minnesota law.The generally accepted rule is that, if the crack impaid the driver’s vision, the windshield should be replaced. That means directly in front of the driver. A small crack on the passenger’s side is not in the driver’s normal field of vision.In CA it is a law that you have to. Not sure about MN.

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  50. Ristretto: Szerintem az, hogy tetszenek-e a receptek vagy sem, az olyan ízlésbeli (és lelki?) hasonlóságon múlhat, mint hogy ki milyen zenét, filmet stb. szeret. Én más oldalakon nem találom meg úgy az ízlésvilágomat, mint itt, sÅ‘t új itt kedvencekre lelek pl. körtés zellerkrémlevesUi: civil vagyok, nem felbérelt hozzászóló 🙂

  51. How wonderful! I've purchased a copy for my niece's birthday (she's 6). She loves looking through my copy of the Advanced Style book and talking about what will look good on her when she's "all grown up." 🙂

  52. a neat looking piece. Its physique is done of anodized aluminum that is a same element used for a iPhone 5 and a iPad Mini. The front is mounted with potion that coveres a 4-inch arrangement and a 1.2

  53. Ii critic in calitate de consumator (client) de muzica. Pentru ca sunt aproape 20 de ani si muzica crestina romaneasca nu mai evolueaza odata, ci dimpotriva inregistreaza un regres in fiecare an. Asta este tot! Vreau mai mult de la Decean, mai mult decit un concert de citeva sute de oameni, vreau concerte cu mii. Eu cred ca ei pot asta… Si-au perfectionat sound-ul, iar acum trebuie sa isi perfectioneze si mesajul (versurile).

  54. Yes, there is all sorts of discussion about the “previously unknown faultline” and how it should behave–and none of the predictions seem to work out. There is another theory, largely rejected but often repeated, that the Canterbury Plain, which Christchurch sits on, is actually floating on a giant lake of lava and that a giant volcano is in the offing. Very comforting no matter who you listen to.

  55. Love, love, LOVE the red and white quilt! And what a wonderful way to honor your grandmother!I chuckled at the Ingalls family references because I’m TOTALLY channelling Ma Ingalls this week myself…and making braided mini-rugs (well, coasters) out of T shirts. I even got out my old copy of “The Long Winter” today to remind myself they had it worse! And no TV! And Mary was blind! (winter still sucks)

  56. The answer to this elementary school riddle used to be something called a newspaper, but the new answer is 37signals latest product for the iPad: Draft. What does Draft do? On a black background you can draw with your finger in white or red, email your draft or post it to 37signals’ Campfire. You can undo, use […] Original post

  57. soit tu lui bidouilles une tête à partir de la photo, soit tu m’envoies ton adresse postale par e-mail; Dès qu’il a un trou dans son planning (très chargé) il viendra faire un tour chez toi!

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  59. Good choice Dave. I wish I had your dilemma of whether to vote strategically or not. Sadly I, like many of your readers, live in one of the 26 federal AB ridings that have absolutely no chance of change.I'd love to see the NDP win in Strathcona and the Libs win in Centre. A one-two orange & red punch right to Harper's breadbasket.Go Linda, Go Jim!

  60. linguista wrote: „but as far as I can see, restraining orders are a necessary tool in some cases. (snip)Can you ignore a restraining order? I thought this would imply severe consequences (prison, etc.)”It is my experience that people can ignore amazingly bad consequences. Hell, I can too! I used to smoke cigarettes!Necessary tools work. I am not sure that these work, but I agree that people deserve protection. Maybe they should invest in a 38 caliber restraining order.Trey

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  63. Thank you for your observation, anonymous. I generally assume my readers are relatively well-educated. This entry isn’t about “macro-evolution” vs. “micro-evolution,” a distinction that is not commonly recognized by evolutionary scientists anyway, so far as I am aware. The entry is about the notion that we all have to think the same way about the topic. I don’t think it is possible to read the entry in its entirety and have any doubts as to my general stance on the issue.

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  66. TARTARIN dit :Tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes ! Il n’y a plus de mafia à Moscou !!! Franchement, je préfère ne pas commenter autant de naïveté et une pareille méconnaissance de la réalité des choses… Ou alors vous avez sagement pris le parti de taire certaines choses…

  67. MM:JA, if you’ll read the whole post, you’ll see that I mention Wolf and Baron.I did read the post. I was responding to your claim that the NYT couldn’t track them down with a link to the NYT quoting them a year ago. Which you could have found on google in ten seconds if you cared about the truth.Do you honestly believe Obama fabricated his time at Columbia? And enlisted at least those two men (and now Ted Rall, apparently) to lie for him? Come on.Talk about failing the laugh test.

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  72. I recently started blogging myself and also have attracted some attention, though it’s not a cooking blog. I even challenged myself to post every single day for an entire month. Some days, I felt pressure to get something out there in cyberspace that other people might like or approve of, which really took the fun out of it. I feel better when I think of blogging as just something for me and do it according to my own schedule.

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